Uncover the essence of yoga and meditation with our comprehensive courses, designed for all levels of practitioners.
Delve into the depths of Vedanta philosophy and the healing powers of Reiki through our specialized programs in Reiki healing courses.
At the School of Silence, we offer personalized spiritual counseling to assist you on your journey towards self-discovery and inner peace.
Participate in various poojas and rituals, meticulously conducted to cater to your spiritual needs.
Experience the profound impact of mantra deeksha, Sanjeevani deeksha, and prana deeksha, initiation ceremonies that mark the beginning of your spiritual journey.
Dive into the world of spirituality with our range of book publications for kids and adults.
Best Spiritual Training Institution in Kerala
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About Us

Our Journey to Spirituality as Best Spiritual Training Institution in Kerala

Dive into the history of the School of Silence, from our humble beginnings five years ago to becoming a beacon of spiritual learning and practice. Learn about our core beliefs in the transformative power of silence, meditation, and ancient Hindu practices in achieving personal and spiritual growth.

Explore Our Offerings

Explore our bespoke services at the School of Silence, where spiritual growth meets personal guidance.

Our Monks

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Temple Monk
Temple Monk
Temple Monk
Temple Monk

Spiritual Development

Discover the powerful journeys of transformation and enlightenment experienced by our cherished community members.
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Meditation Programs

Upcoming Events

Embark on a journey of spiritual growth and community connection with our upcoming events.
Insights for the Soul: Our Latest Blogs

Latest News & Blogs

Delve into the world of spirituality, ancient wisdom, and self-discovery with our curated collection of blogs.
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